x86_64 | ARM 8 | ARM 7 | ARM 6

This is a (not-so) private repository of software fetched from the AUR, repackaged for my own obsucure purposes and distrbuted here.
Everyone knows the rules when it comes to AUR stuff: if you use it, do it at your own risk.

Some highlights:

- Extra packages for MATE Desktop environment;
- Compiz window-manager, including Emerald themes;
- Themes for LXDM, including one of my own making;
- Plymouth engine & themes

Beyond eye-candy, server stuff:
- Elasticsearch 6 & 7;
- Etherpad;
- Jitsi;
- Matomo;
- PHP 8.0 + 7.3;
- Linode Longview agent;
- Linode command-line client;
- Nagios;

Non-free desktop software:
- Slack
- Skype
- Teams
- Webcord

How to add this repo to any arch-based setup:
pacman-key --recv-keys B0391223A038F085
pacman-key --lsign-key B0391223A038F085
pacman-key --refresh-keys
Once the key is imported correctly, add the repo to /etc/pacman.conf. Mind the architecture at the end:
Server = https://archlinux.cryptostratus.net/$arch